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Smith: Hi, I'm John Smith.

Dude: Get back Jack!

Purba Negoro

The Javanese Keris (incorrect Malay spelling is Kris- though its' archaeologically proven origin is Java) smiths (empu) also does this.

The keris smith ('empu' or 'pandai keris') is a skilled artisan as are blacksmiths and held in esteem well above the Western blacksmith. Many still chant the mantra and prayers, and practise fasting during the making of the keris.
The keris blade is a complex 'damascus' of 4 separate metals- including nickel, iron, carbon steel and meteoric titanium folded over 200 times- many times more than the Japanese katana.
The empu always offers prayers and mantras, which may be Hindu or Muslim or a micture and ceremony and special 'sesaji' (offerings).
First prayer prior to the first strike will beg the Almighty that the keris not harm the owner and other people. The Keris itself is believed to be inhabited by a spirit- which may or not be malevolent.
Prayers are followed by the Hindu tapabrata and 'lelaku' (mainly fasting and meditating, or no sleeping, no eating, no sex on certain times).

A finished Balinese Keris:

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