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It's interesting to hear that another avid reader who gobbles tons of information daily doesn't like speed reading, either. I find I read more deeply and write better because I can hear myself in my head.


This would be so dangerous if you accidentally picked up in a crappy mood.

"Great. It's that whining Steve AGAIN."


Not dangerous. Revealing.


Absolutely Tracey. You miss all the subtleties, not to mention much of the actual content, when you turn off your subvocalization.


I'd think you'd miss any sort of lyrical quality if you were to speed-reading. Can you imagine speed-reading Shakespeare? The thought is absurd. James Joyce? Impossible.

My favorite quote about speed reading is from Woody Allen: "I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in 20 minutes. It involves Russia."




I saw this the other day somewhere - they have a long way to go to meet reasonable performance requirements. Wonder when that will be?

Sometime before we can get wetware installed?

Or will the technology collide with Moore's Law?

I dunno, we live in interesting times...

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