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I'm trying to imagine the conversation:

"Oh no! My pretty antler comb has fallen into the cess pit!"

"Well reach in and grab it!"

"I'm not going to reach in and grab it, YOU reach in and grab it!!... where are you going with crossbow and battle axe?!"

"To get you another pretty antler comb".


My thoughts exactly. That's why it's been in the pit for a thousand years.


LOL! Wonder what "they'll" be saying about ours in a thousand years...

...yikes! I'm sorry. Let's not go there...


The bottom end looks a lot like a nit comb.


That's what I thought! God forbid we ever have to see another one of those combs (though I'm sure we will...she's only 8. (I'm all itchy now, tyvm). I remember you posted some pictures of very elaborate "flea catchers" at one time... it's interesting that parasites were a daily nuisance and the means for eradicating them were incorporated into jewelry or, in this case, combs...

I'm wondering if the owner of the comb got so freaked out by the louse that she/he threw it into the toilet (cess pit) and walked away doing the "heebie jeebie"... I've done that. LOL!


Did cesspool pretrial discovery motions stipulate the assize that comes on the land?


the answer is, "NO!" and thank you for asking?



I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

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