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I hope tea works too.

Loli Poppelreiter (lolipopp)

I'm 78yrs of age (notice I don't write "old")and have been drinking good strong coffee since being weaned from the milk bottle.
So far my memory has not failed me, I have no signs of decreasing use of my mind and I do not expect to until the day I die.
While some are unable to sleep well after a cup of coffee late at nite, for me it is a relaxant and I sleep like a baby.


Excellent. Now I just have to work up to coffee again.

Trixie M.

I really like coffee, but you've got to be careful -- espresso for example is HIGH in cholesterol. There's plenty of other natural ways to control one's cholesterol without the negative impacts of caffeine though. A really good reference of alternate sources can be found at the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau. I try to take everything with a dose of moderation and that works well for me.

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