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Red beans and rice. Texas Pete. Chocolate chip cookie. What I really wanted was a milkshake from Chick-fil-A.


Last night I did fresh halibut on the grill with Survival Spice and a pinch of cajun with lemon and lime juice (after a 1 hour marinate), topped with sauteed scallops and a lemon/lime/butter/Survival Spice/Chardonnay hard reduction - said reduction all over the plating.

New 'taters boiled, then mixed with butter, parsley flakes, and regular Mrs. Dash. Stacked in center of plating.

The reduction was sopped up with fish and 'taters.

Side salad.


Beets, carrots, potato, garlic, and artichoke hearts (all roasted together in olive oil) and white rice.

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