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Scott P

5.2 is a pretty good little shaker, but I can see why you slept through it.


I'm on the other side of Indy, and I felt it. I had just woken up with a headache and taken something for it. About 5 minutes later, I thought one of my kids was trying to get my attention by shaking my bed; then realized it was shaking too hard to be a child. So I wondered why the heck my husband wouldn't just SAY something instead of trying get my attention in such a juvenile way! I actually woke up completely with a yell, now wondering why an intruder? was shaking the bed. What kind of insane maniac breaks into someone's house and silently shakes the bed!?!



Just felt an aftershock.


I sometimes feel a 5.2, but that's chump change compared to our larger quakes. Of course, your area was home to the New Madrid quake a while back, which was pretty respectable, even to a Californian.

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