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Is it just me or does the Pied Piper look suspiciously like John Wayne Gacy ?


You're right, actually. And whatever happened to those kids, it did not involve Candyland -- except as possibly a lure.

The Blue Unicorn

We're going to Candy mountain, Charlie.. It's full of sweets and joy.. and joyness.

Follow us, kids!


Sold into slavery.


Does seem to correlate to some extent with the Children's Crusade tales of the early 13th century..

Kathleen Art

Could the children be isolated from the village because they were contaminated with "the plague"?


I think I'd go with the slavery option because that's the only one that offers the Pied Piper an economic advantage. (Lots of children were sold into slavery during the Children's Crusade, for instance -- lured away with promise of adventure and then sold for immense profit.)


Plague victims were isolated within their own houses and neighborhoods rather than sent out of the town. Soldiers would often be stationed at both ends of a block and nobody got out or in until everybody inside was dead and the homes could be decontaminated or burned down.


i think that the pied piper is acctually a clown, because of his colours, they are just like the typical clown, which every child is afraid o, its almost like a sixth sense, instinct, passed down among children across the centuries.


the music gives a sense of hope, love and happiness but the children can only hear the part which gives that sense its sort of hipnosis

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