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Rob B

Arrrrgh, Oi vai iz mir Matey!


In his prime, Lafitte ran not just one pirate sloop but a whole fleet of them simultaneously. He even bought a blacksmith shop in New Orleans, which he used as a front for fencing pirate loot.

Of course he did.

Annick Le Doux

Jean Lafitte b:1774 d: 1858 - He was born inSaint Seurin close to Gradignan in the Dpt. of Aquitaine, etc... He died in France and had a 5 pages will

Phil Levin

I lived on Lafitte Court in a development named "Orleans Village,", in Northern Virginia for eight years.

Pirates were seen only once each year, at the end of October. Not a drop of blood to be seen, only cranky kids with candy-ache bellies.

I will sail the Caribbean Sea in February 2011, hope to see a fleet of pirate ships -
all landsmen.

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