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Marco McClean

Right. I see. This is like when I was little and my stepbrother Mark would win and win and win at Monopoly, partly because he was at least as smart as I was and older and wiser, but also because --and this is what took me a long time to figure out-- he cared about winning enough to be really working 100% at it, which I'm still either too lazy or too well adjusted to appreciate the need to do in either casual conversation or a parlor game or a radio show. Gail, when you present information, the normal response you get from your readers is some form of chortling agreement with what the reader imagines is your general mindset-- see Ed above, about global warming. I figure, that's covered, that will always be covered. I comment in what to me is a jovial non-obvious but roundabout-informative way and am surprised and a little frightened when you tell me that I hurt your feelings or you say something exasperated like, "Honestly, why do I even bother!" Honestly, I don't jump around any more than you do, and I'm never trying to hurt your feelings, and as far as the /trajectory of the game/ goes, I feel that we both learn much more from each other even by misunderstanding each other as we do than if I were to say nothing or say some variation on, "Well, isn't that sweet? I have a cat the same color as the Pope's cat."

Speaking of the Magisterium, have you read Philip Pullman's /His Dark Materials/ trilogy yet? Also, I just watched /MirrorMask/ again (for the fourth time), this time with a woman whose mother just died after like fifteen years of Alzheimers'. She said, "That was wonderful. What a tornado of creativity!"

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