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The Look

Don't you think I'm awfully cute?
Give me your Mint Milano.
It must have been some other dog
Who peed on the piano.


tasha was a dog
afraid of wee meeces
she spent her days
snacking on feces


the above is a long overdue eulogy to a beloved coprophagic friend.


Sniff. How nostalgic.


Remember the time she ate the twenty dollar bill?


and the coca-cola box,the washcloth,the book,the(insert supposedly inedible object here),ad infintum


I did not eat your Simple clog.
It was the other household dog.

He does bad things. It is not me.
And on your bed? That's baby pee.

My paws are clean. You can't deny.
It must have been the Daddy guy.

There is so much that happens here.
It's good to have alibus near.


My roommates and I once wrote a haiku about our other roommate's chihuahua puppy (the day before he got fixed, he ran out of the yard and refused to come back):

The dog is Maki
Isolation, Castration
He is so grounded


Requiem for General Tsao's Dog

So I cant roll over..
Cant do any tricks..
I'm nothing but a mongrel
but I deserve better than this...

Before they caught me
I roamed freely
in the alleys and halls
Just sniffing some asses
and licking my balls..

Then the man in white held out food
The oldest trick in the book
"Here Droggy Droggy.." he said...
I drew close for a look..

Now I'm stuck in a Korean BBQ
Bound with a chain
Soon the cook with come back
Then you can call me Bositang...

The End


Written by my older son, 7 years old at the time, after out dog Payson died.

The Night Poem
Payson has brown floppy ears.
I love Payson and his gentle paws.
I love Payson.

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