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I read someplace that the original intent of Chastity belts was as a protective device against rape..

Similar story for the famed Iron Maiden torture device.. A common prop in medieval witch hunt movies but only one such device actually existed.. In Nuremburg I think.. Built in the 18th century... That was the only one until of course Uday Hussein had one constructed for use on his less than stellar Iraqi Olympic athletes..


Chastity belts were mainly used in the nineteenth century to prevent masturbation.


And you're right, most of the so-called "medieval" torture devices either didn't exist or they were invented in the Renaissance.


"...to prevent masturbation."

Hard to believe when the device looks suspisciously like a Joni's Butterfly stimulator (sans the pleasure bead tail of course)


This is a very weird pictuers i would not recommend this for children under the age of 18. 18 and older ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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