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Scott P

Wow. You've got a whole produce department in your back yard.


We do. We've just finished off the strawberries and now we're working our way through the cherries and black raspberries. MAYBE we'll get some apples in the late summer -- we've had bad luck with our apple trees for a couple of years, but previously we had more apples than we knew what to do with.


Given this picture and the one of the cherries, is your garden named "Eden", perhaps? Do you wear fig leaves while working in it? Is there a silver-tongued snake that resides in a tree?


It's not Eden because you have to mow.


Get a goat! A green, eco-friendly lawnmower plus a provider of milk!


To say nothing of fertilizer and wool.

Whatcha gonna do with them?


Black raspberries--my favorite!

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