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prairie biker

all leaf and no sticky bud. those must be frat-bunnies. they're the only ones dumb enough to settle for that crap.

Pale Blond Hell

I am in your garden eating your 420.


Nom nom nom

Hey. Nom nom nom. Earl.

Nom nom nom. Yeah? Nom nom nom.

I think I figured it out. Nom nom nom.

What? Nom nom nom.

I forget. Nom nom nom.


Oh, I forgot to tell you.. dont leave Tina alone with your stash.. You wont be out the door ten minutes before he'll be on MySpace inviting his friends over.


I need to find those old Tina stories and republish them for the newcomers.


What newcomers?


Hey, Craig's back - yay! I don't remember the Tina stories and I'm an oldcomer. Please repost them if you have the time. Someone should harvest those bunnie kind bud pellets for a most excellent highly-rated coffee. It would perk you up and simmer you down simultaneously...


...and Warner Bros. should come up with a new cartoon character. Buds Bunny.




One time when I was tripping, I discovered the secret of the universe, but the next day I couldn't remember what it was.

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