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So there were Dungeon & Dragons nerds back in Rome? Who knew?

(For the points: This type of Die is used to resolve actions (like combat hits) in the d20 Dungeon & Dragons RPG system.. or so I've heard from people that are D&D Nerds.. unlike me.. cause I'm one of the cool kids.. Never played Classic D&D and especially not WoW, Diablo or Baldur's Gate..I'm just saying.)


The cursive 'L' is the ancient symbol for 'Laverne & Shirley' ... a perky pair of young Jewish girls that live in Rome circa 30 AD... worked in a mulsum bottling factory.. and who were determined to make it on their own.

prairie biker

dammit jake, you totally beat me to the punch


Ahhh. that's because I have the unfair advantage of having no life to distract me from spending my whole day watching Gail's blog and thinking up comments (sophomoric though they may be...)


And believe me, Jake, I appreciate it.


I was so all over that Laverne and Shirley thing but nooooooooo, you had to do it your way....

Who said that? Was it Squiggy?

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