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I love.. LOVE.. Lebanese food.. Middle Eastern food in general..(even better than fried chicken.) Got a good recipe for Shish Taouk...? I'm getting that book.


There's shishbarak, but not shishtaouk


A grilled garlic chicken breast kebob with yoghurt sauce and rice by any other name smells as sweet.


Hahaha! Chicken Barack, huh? How deliciously un-PC.

Scott P

That sounds like the real deal, for sure.


Thanks to all your delicious recipes, I have now ordered three of the Lebanese Cuisine books--one for me, one for my youngest daughter, and one for a good friend. Everything I've tried from your posts is delicious. Oh, yeah. And I love the literary stuff! Pax.


Mmmmmmmm. I'd like to try that. How'd you do the meatballs?

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