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I see everyone is voting for themselves.. Let's break this deadlock and all vote for me..

Scott P

I certainly didn't vote for myself, Gail would kick my butt.


Hey, does Toby get a vote..? Cuz he really digs the Filthy Ape haiku.. and wants me enter a vote for him..

I know.. I know.. There's no accounting for tatste.. but he has those lazer beam eyes.. I dont wanna be the one to tell him 'no'..


A Coffee Haiku
King coronation pending
Nervous tension mounts

Not - Toby

Vote for Jake's Dirty Ape Haiku or the baby gets it!

Toby the baby Calvin klein underwear model

Oh... Do what he say.. Do what he sayyyyy!!!


The Cuniculus Party casts all their votes for Jake..

Monkees with bagpipes for Jake

All five of us; Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike, throw our support behind Jake's simian haiku.

Jebus'  12 Apostles

We cast 11 votes for Jake's monkey poem
and 1 against..


So who's the Judas?

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