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In other news, another fMRI study performed at the University of Chicago showed that when post-pubescent males are shown photos of Scarlett Johanssen being mercilessly punished with a stern cropping applied to her bare buttocks all activity in portions of the brain associated with moral reasoning shut down completely and blood flow as well as all cognitive thought processes are rerouted to the crochal area.


So what I got out of this, Gail, is that if we want to stop first cousins from having at one another, we should use lots of fart spray... (*rimshot*)


Damn.. that should have been 'crotchal area' huh? Stupid, stupid typos..


I believe that the scientific term is "groinal area."


It's "crotchital", guys.

"Therefore, the fart spray should increase the severity of moral judgments."

Yes, but was the subject who smelt the fart spray, the one who dealt it? Because if not, it doesn't mimic real-life conditions very well, does it?


I think next time I'll just go with the more precise term "cajonal area"... or "Johnsonal Region" or maybe even "junkal environs"...


"we should use lots of fart spray"

Either that or make them all wear Billy Bob teeth . . . wait, that wouldn't work . . .

Considering the cultural conditions of most first-cousin enthusiasts, neither would the fart spray now that I think of it. It would probably be considered a type of cologne.


"...it doesn't mimic real-life conditions very well, does it?"

Not very well.. it's obvious that the one that denied it, supplied it.


So should I replace my pepper spray with fart spray? Will that make the mugger get indignant with his own actions, or will it make him crotchital? Or just crotchity?

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