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Just put the stuff in a pill and let me get on with it.. Dont make me sip wine like some metrosexual Frenchman wanna-be... Plus de vin, monsieur? Oh, oui, oui.. un peu, s'il vous plait..

How about Italianos.. do they live long?
(making the piched fingertip gesture..)

Si! Si! Di piu di vino! Molti vino!! Grazi Garzi. Ciao bella!

I could be an Itaiano with no problem..


I think the scientists need look no further than the fact that the Europeans live, on average, a very different lifestyle than Americans.. I think, simpler lives.. less singleminded pursuit of wealth and status.. Shorter workweeks and more vacations... How many people does stress kill in America vs The EU?


It's really not such a paradox. The healthiest, most long-lived cultural groups have always eaten high fat diets. Recent research shows that older people with higher cholesterol levels actually have long life-spans than those with lower levels. It's all biolipidology, which unfortunately most docs have never studied, let alone most medical reporters.

Back to my skin-on barbecued chicken.

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