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Marco Mcclean

From the illustration, it looks like a balletic streamer tug-o'-war using only the athletes' inflation valves. You're right, that must have been quite an event.


From the number of bare legs behind the flags, it must have been popular as a participation sport as well. Nude balletic streamer tug-o'-war wasn't popular in the U.S., however, up until a brief spell in the 70's. But because athletes here never had proper training, it was vilified as mere "streaking". As all things 70's experience a revival, NBSTOW-ing is again becoming popular.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Inflation valve?


Inflation valve?

I think it's part of the punchline of a joke, the contents of which one can only imagine . . .


Methinks I sense a reference to the movie Airplane. There was a scene with an inflatable autopilot that was deflating and required… re-in-fellation?


AHA. There you are.

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