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Marco McClean

Everything shaped like that makes me think of the Rape of the Sabines, which makes me think of The Schartz-Metterklume Method, which makes me say aloud, "Well, if I must, I must." And then whoever's with me says, "Must what?"


You got the rape part right.

But the wrong girls.


Familiar... don't think I'll use google to try and find it.

The attackers are Bender and Dr Zoidberg from Futurama.


You're right! I thought they looked familiar. I should have called it Teletubbies vs. Futurama


Peter Paul Rubens, The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus.


Minnesotastan, you're on a roll. Right.


Hmmm, I thought that it was the Rape of the Sabine Women, too, until I googled. There are even one or two instances on the interwebs where it's identified as that work.


People always get those confused. Rubens liked rapes. I think he also did the rape of Europa, etc.


Remember the guy in Blazing Saddles?
Why did you say rape so many times?
I like rape.

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