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Joan of Argghh!

I seem to remember it was some sort of formaldehyde or chemical used in the blocking process. Now I'm off to google it. I'm cheap, I know...

Ah! I was close. I won't give it away, though.


Mercury from working on the hats.

Do you know that the background for this version of the poem is supposed to be that Lewis had a wind up wooden bat which flew out his room window and landed in the tea tray a student was carrying across campus to a big wig? (from The Annotated Alice)


I believe it was mercury used in making felt for hats.


Mercury from the felting process. Suzi and Minnesotastan are both right, but Suzi was first.


Suzi, the Annotated Alice is wonderful. I've re read it a number of times over the years since it first came out.


Wasn't it lead? I think that they used lead.


Doesn't lead make you mad as a hatter? No?


You see how much I know.


Hi Ana!


Interestingly, the Mad Hatter is said to based on Roger Crab, a denizen of my own home-town!

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