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"Sardine" is a general term used for several genera of fish. "Sprat" is one in particular.

The "sardine" commonly used in this country has no scales on its head! Of course, you wouldn't know that just by looking at canned, guillotined sardines.


Oops, should proof before I post. "Sprat" is one *species* in particular.


Jack Sprat would eat no fat
Sardine would eat no lean


Excellent answer, Tracey.

Ana, that rhyme has been going through my head all evening.


Tracey's answer is not correct per se. Sardines and sprats are related but not inclusive of each other.

Sprattus is a genus of small oily fish of the Family Clupeidae. There are seven species in the genus Sprattus.

Sardines are also in the Clupeid family but are in a different set of genera:

• Genus Dussumeria
• Genus Escualosa
• Genus Sardina
• Genus Sardinella
• Genus Sardinops


Hi! I stumbled on this site by accident. I am eating sprats for the first time, and thought I'd Google them. I have a question about your first sentence: "A monument to caned fish was unveiled Thursday in Latvia..." Why do the Latvians cane the poor little devils? (It must be a very small cane, indeed.) Is it because they are Communists, or used to be Communists? Is it possible that the momument was built out of guilt? Anyway, the ones I am eating are pretty bland. Thanks for the info. Tom, The Bronx, NYC

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