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Why in the world would you call lady bugs "nasty"? Not only do they eat garden pests, but they're good luck if they land on you!


Those invasive orange things aren't proper ladybugs. These are proper NATIVE ladybugs. The orange ones pinch. Hard.


I haven't seen a single (adorable, harmless, bright red) native ladybug since the 1990's when the orange buggers were introduced.


Me neither. The red ones, that is. The orange ones are meanass.

I love Allerton. Hope to show it to Scott one day.


Looks like fun Gail. Pics are great!


Who was Allerton?


Maybe we don't have the orange ones in Rhode Island or Texas - I don't recall ever having met a pinching ladybug. I'll have to start paying closer attention...


Billy, just hope they don't infest your area. Even little kids hate ladybugs now. They don't even remember what the red ones were like.


Craig, he was a very rich guy who was interested in both nature and art. If you follow the link, it tells a bit about him. He left his gorgeous estate to the University of Illinois.

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