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It's a stylist metrosexual he-purse for billygoats that are very secure in their randy goat sexuality..


Or perhaps it's a Swiss Alpine Rescue Goat and he carries his flask of whiskey in the pouch..

Or a Scottish Highland goat wearing his sporran jauntily cocked to the side.. Where's the kilt, you ask? Goats don't wear kilts.. They'd look silly.

Or perhaps he's actually an undercover policeman disguised as a goat investigating goat abuses in the heartland.. Where else are you going to hide your Glock?


Kind of looks like mudflaps you might put on your riding goat so you don't spray up mud and water on the riders behind you on the freeway.. I'd have to see it from behind to know for sure.. You can always tell because of the little chrome naked women on them.. Goats seem drawn to them just as big rig drivers are.


Yes I really do know what an olor is because they make me wear one at work if I want to ride in the crowded elevators... and it's either that or take the stairs 32 flights up and 32 flights down.. so I disqualify myself for the Scribblepoint contest.


Does it make them less farty?


There's so much too strong Grandma perfume in the elevators at work that it makes your eyes water.. A simple fart would be like a breath of fresh air... but no, that's not it.

maggie katzen

does it keep him from jumping over stuff?


Well... it does keep him from 'jumpin stuff'... one could say that..


I know of dogs who could seriously use one of these things.


OK this post is getting old and no one has claimed the points by saying the correct answer.. so being the Scribal point glutton I am I'm going to give a wikiperfect answer: It's a African device to keep the goats from mating when it's not a good time to do so.. like during droughts.. There... I said.. You cant say I didnt give anyone and everyone a chance... unlike Rob who dominates the FIRSTgame by using an artificiially intelligent Turing Bot of some sort to comment at 8:00 every night...

Oh, and I was kidding.. I rarely have to wear one of these at work... not anymore...

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