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I hear you about the neck pain (getting worse, too.) I'm restricted on percocet intake, but can't chew gum. Think I'll try rhythmically chewing acupuncture needles...


I wonder about chewing on something like a wax or parafin.


I would agree that the data cited today is much stronger than the references from yesterday.

It's interesting that the "rhythmic behavior" need not be chewing - they cite locomotion as another enhancer. You obviously can't walk while blogging, but perhaps some other rhythmic motion would be useful. I keep thinking of Bill Gates' famous rocking motions...


Part of the problem for me is that I have compressed discs and one offset vertebra, which cause the pain to begin with. I have to be really careful how I move my neck, and chewing is one motion that has never caused a flareup. Also I would look pretty stupid rocking back and forth at work.


My experience also indicates that chewing (unlike pencil tapping or whatever) works particularly well on neck and head pain, and my guess is that it releases a lot of muscular tension that builds up in that area in response to pain (and then hurts worse -- the cyclical effect).

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